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Introduction to MRI - The Complete Series
3 courses
(3 credit hours)
for $67.50
Purchase all three parts of the Introduction to MRI series and save 10%!
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Radiology Search & Rescue Series
13 courses
(17.5 credit hours)
for $289.00
Radiology Search & Rescue contains 18-1/2 hours of instruction in virtually every aspect of interpreting plain film radiographs. The series includes nearly 2,900 images and illustrations! Since many users will only be able to use part of the series per year for relicensing credit, you can maintain access to individual units you have completed for three years. Come back to this series again and again for reference, and gain an unprecedented confidence in your ability to interpret radiographs! Note: Unit 3 - Extraspinal Lumbar is a free course on this site, so it is not included in this package.
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Topics in Nutrition - The Series
5 courses
(8 credit hours)
for $172.00
Get all of our currently active nutrition courses and save 20% over the cost of purchasing the courses individually!
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X-Ray Quality and Safety - The Complete Series
8 courses
(8 credit hours)
for $160.00
Save 20% when you purchase the entire series, X-Ray Quality and Safety! This bundle includes four parts on the four big factors of x-ray quality and four parts covering x-ray safety considerations. Check each part's details for further information!
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